William Sandy - Aboriginal Artist

William Sandy | Dingo Dreaming - Two Women | 117cm x 96cm | Price upon request        INQUIRE

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William SandyWilliam-Sandy

Born: 1944
Region: Western Desert
Community Centre: Papunya
Country: Winkilini, Kunapi
Language Bloc: Western Desert
Language: Pitjantjatjara
Subjects and Themes: Emu, dingo, women, green bean, tingari,
Water dreaming.

Awards: Winner 1985, Northern Territory Art Award.

William Sandy has lived in Areyonga and Haasts Bluff. He was the first of the Pitjantjatjara involved in the contemporary art movement. He moved to Papunya in 1973, started to paint in 1975, and in the early 80ís, did his first painting for Papunya Tula Artists, after teaching himself to paint by watching the older artists. At Papunya he married Violet Nakamarra, the sister of Michael Nelson Jagamarra, who is also a well known Aboriginal artist.
William Sandy is also a very knowledgeable, traditional medicine man. From the late '80's, he and his wife have been health workers with the Papunya Medical Service.
William Sandy paints Dingo, Emu, Woman, Green Bean and other Dreaming stories for his country.

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