vigraha sacred art gallery prescott arizonaVigraha Gallery specializes in the antique art of India, the Himalayas, and Southeast Asia. Our collection was accumulated over many years by founding partner, Lee Lozowick. He traveled a great deal of time, in both cities and countryside, where he would comb through fairs, galleries, shops and open-air markets. The largest part of Vigraha’s collection was purchased in Mr. Lozowick’s sojourns as well as at auctions and from private collections in Europe and in the United States. Our collection also includes original contemporary art from Newari thangka painters, a graffiti crew in Paris, and aboriginal artists.

Vigraha Gallery in Prescott, AZ, displays a treasure-house of collectible art and artifacts. Through our French affiliate we also have a much smaller collection in a gallery in La Roche Posay, Antiquités Asiatiques et Brocante Européenne.  The entire collection is curated by Sharana Lhaksam, who worked with Mr. Lozowick for many years. Purna Steinitz is the surviving partner of Vigraha Gallery.

Our website proposes a limited number of items in Vigraha’s collection so if you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us and perhaps we may have a special item for which you are searching.