Vigraha Sacred Art specializes in the antique art of India, Tibet, Nepal and Southeast Asia - including ritual statuary, paintings, furniture, tangkas (wall hangings) and jewelery. Bronze and stone statues dating from the 18th - 19th centuries predominate, enhanced with rare artifacts from as early as the 2nd or 3rd centuries, representing Buddhist and Hindu iconography, as well as tribal traditions from around the world. Provocative work from French graffiti artists, as well as contemporary Aboriginal and Newari paintings, add an eclectic mix to this substantial collection.

Lee Lozowick

Lee Lozowick, founder and managing partner of Vigraha Gallery, passed away in 2010. For over thirty years, Lee has been passionate about sacred art, particularly that of Indian and Asian origins. He founded Vigraha about ten years ago with his partner, Purna Steinitz, commencing his profession as a dealer and collector.

Lee on streetLee was interested in the importance of beauty in our lives today, and how sacred art can transform an ordinary space into a true sanctuary. He grew up in an atmosphere of artistic refinement; his father, Louis Lozowick, was a highly respected artist, a premier American lithographer of the 20th century. Lee’s vision was further inspired by a passionate dedication to spiritual life—he is the author of over twenty books and established a body and legacy of teaching work. Music was another profound passion in Lee’s life: he wrote and produced two rock operas, and wrote lyrics and sang in both blues and rock bands touring Europe every summer over the last twenty years.

Lee traveled a great deal of time, in both cities and countryside, where he would comb through fairs, galleries, shops, and open-air markets, often with several people in tow. He would search for items that captured his eye for beauty with passion, intention, and abundant enthusiasm. Many of the purveyors with whom he established relationship will long remember Lee’s business acumen and tough negotiations as well as his generosity and kindness.

Vigraha will continue to offer treasures of the sacred from India, the Himalayas, and Southeast Asia in our gallery in Prescott, Arizona, as well as at antique shows and perhaps a traveling show here and there.

With warm regards from Lee’s family and his business partner.