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Standing Krishna (Ganga-Yamuna casting)

The Standing Krishna with impressive eyes stands 14.5 inches in height. The cast image of Krishna has a deep rich patina with some areas revealing years of worship by the greenish patina and the smoothed edges of his nose and fingers. He wears a dhoti and jewelry around his ankles, wrists, neck, ears, and a crown on his head. Additional items of decoration are incised on his chest and upper arms. He wears his sacred thread as well.

The lost-wax casting of this image of Krishna appears to have been done in two distinct metals, often referred to as Ganga-Yamuna casting. This technique is not common in today’s casting industry. One metal was used for the body and a second metal was used for the dhoti worn by Krishna. The base for this dual metal casting needs to be replaced. The original metal base into which this Krishna would have been inserted has been lost.

The image is likely from Maharashtra or Karnataka. 18th-19th c., 14.5″ x 5″ x 3.5″, two metal alloys.


Probably Karnataka or Maharashtra, India


Copper alloys in two formulations, the body itself and the dhoti is another metal. The patination is rich and soft. The eyes are of conch shell.


Circa 1850 to 1925. The overall condition is very good with some surface rubbing causing smoothed and worn areas. The base needs to be replaced.


14.5" x 5.5" x 3.5"