Mukhalingam Cover

Shiva Mukhalingam Cover

The Mukhalinga (one faced lingam cover) represents the face of the Hindu god, Shiva. The mukhalinga/m is used to cover a stone linga (phallus), which is the symbol of the god Shiva. A linga, worshipped ritually is generally  made of stone, often found in riverbeds. The cover is believed to protect a viewer from any sort of harm that could arise from seeing the stone linga, especially one with eyes painted on its surface. Many images of goddesses and gods in Hindu temples are covered with gold and/or silver laced silks, or metal forms that “protect” the viewer and only the Brahmin priests of the temple can contain the sighting of such divine power.

This Mukhalingam cover, comprised of one piece would have been placed over a stone linga and removed for priestly worship of the stone. The casting remains a bit rough in some places, and has remarkable details: the well defined tripunda and third eye; the jata neatly pulled back and held in place by a type of crown or headband decorated with rows of jewel-like markings and a moving swirl motif; double necklaces; and a neatly defined moustache. There are holes in the ears in which earrings were likely to have been placed.

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Maharashtra, India




18th c. Very good condition.


9" (H) x 5" diameter at base