Nandisvara Island

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Nandisvara Island

Nandisvara Island (Nandīśvaradvīpa), as per Jain Cosmography, is one of the continents of the middle world. It is a pleasure zone where the gods honor the eternal Jinas–a successive lineage of 24 realized beings fostering the Jain Dharma throughout the ages.  Nandisvara Island is a continent of rejoicing, where crystal mountains, lush gardens, square lakes filled with lotus blossoms, soft air and heavenly scent fills the air. The Island continent is worshipped by both sects (Svetambara and Digambara) of Jainism.

The pavillion form of the Island of rejoicing is full of symbolism. There is one central Jina depicted on each side with 12 surrounding Jinas. These images represent the enlightened beings that created and fostered the Jain religious beliefs. The 13 Jinas and 4 sides produce the 52 shrines that symbolize temples.

Such representations of the island continents are worshipped during certain festivals.


Western India, Gujarat or Deccan


Alloyed Metal with some gold


18th c. One side of the lost-wax cast image was cracked and has been repaired.


8" x 4.5" x 4.5" (20.3 x 11.4 x 11.4 cm)