Narasimha and Consort

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Narasimha with Consort

Here we see Narasimha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, with his consort, Vidyuta or Narasimhi, an incarnation of Lakshmi. Narasimha sits on the coils of the snake, Sesha, in meditation posture; a knee belt supporting his posture. He holds the conch and wheel, his right hand in varada mudra offering compassion. He is adorned with a regal crown and jewels. Lakshmi is seated on Narasimha’s lap, her arm touching his back. The head of the snake has been broken, at some point in time, and the former unknown holders of the heirloom had the heads of the snake carved onto the remaining part of the snake.






late 18th c to early 19th c.
As mentioned above, the full length of the snake with 7 heads has broken off and the remaining part has been recarved quite some time ago. The whole murti has been worshipped and the features have been softened and blurred. There are traces of sindhoor powder used in such worship.


5" x 3.5" x 3"