Royal Court Mala

Royal Court Mala Necklace

Chao Zhu (court necklace) 19th c., China, Amber colored glass beads, Aventurine green beads, accents in color of Jade, 3 mineral hanging on counters, two broken (pink), like rose quartz. Central bead is blue glass with amber teardrop glass as the center drop bead. Circumference 60”.

Chinese Qing Dynasty Period Glass and aventurine Court Necklace in box. Court necklace comprised of well strung 108 natural round shape amber glass beads accented by three larger green mineral beads. Elegantly presented in fitted original hard cushion round box, with blue silk interior  cushion.




Glass beads, aventurine, jadeite, silver threads, silk banding, rose quartz,


circa 1850-1900
Rose Quartz teardrop cabuchons broken


Circumference is 60 inches.


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