Shiva and Parvati enthroned

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Shiva and Parvati Enthroned

This vigraha of Shiva and Parvati portrayed on a throne may not be of an original configuration. However, the current result of a standing Shiva and seated Parvati is quite striking. The metal appears to be of a brass rather than copper alloy. Both Shiva and Parvati carry trishulas and damarus with snake heads. Shiva also carries his staff (Khatvanga) and a Kamandalu. He stands on a rounded lotus throne inserted into the throne. His earrings are comprised of 4 round dots formed into a square.

Parvati is seated on a square seat on which is a round lotus cushion. She holds a large knife and a lotus pod. Her crown is distinctively different from that of Shiva. Her jewelry is abundant. The lower right hand of Parvati has been repaired.

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Brass, rather oxidized with age.


19th c estimated age.
Wear from puja on faces and foreheads and implements.


10.5" x 9" x 3.5" (inches)
26.7 cm x 22.9cm x 8.9cm