Shiva Lingam Placque

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Shiva Lingam Placque

A smallish (2.25″ x 2.5″) copper repousse placque which has been highly worshipped and recently placed in a sterling silver frame. The back of the frame/bezel has suitable mechanism for hanging as jewelry or on the wall.

The image shows devotees (a male and female) worshipping a Shiva Lingam with a shrine atmosphere. There are four other devotees witnessing the ceremonial bathing of the Lingam.

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Copper and Sterling Silver


19th or older for the copper repousse, Sterling silver contemporary. There is a crack in the copper on the right side. Image is very worn from rubbing.


2.25" x 2.5". The dimension not captured here is the depth of the piece which is quite small. The silver bezel is custom made by a professional jeweler and contains the copper image securely so that the placque won't bend or crack further.