Shiva Trident

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Sadhu Shiva Trident

The emblem for many Sadhus and Holy Men in India as followers of Shiva, especially the Naga Baba’s. These Tridents, or Trishula, are three pronged instruments which Shiva is almost always seen carrying. Some goddesses, such as Durga, carry a trishula as well. The instrument is not only a weapon which can be used in achieving the objectives of a Hindu deity, it is also a sign of esoteric and spiritual significance.

This bronze trishula has a design on both sides which reflects a stylized lingam and yoni. It is 21.25″ high and 9.5″ at its widest point. At the emblem designed at the cross of the trident is about 3″ in depth. The trident rests on a custom wood base to hold it upright.



North India or Myanmar


Copper alloy with patination


19th c. Very good condition, some wear on the handle and at points.


Trishula itself 21.25" H x 9.5" W x 3" D