The Goddess Ganga

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The Goddess Ganga

The River Ganges is here personified as the goddess Ganga Mai. She is India’s eternal symbol of spiritual grace. The contemporary artwork depicts the Goddess in 4-armed form in a bucolic setting. She stands upon a fish and may also be depicted on a fresh water crocodile. Her upper hands hold Ganga-Yumuna (silver and gold) water pots with pink lotuses—the eternal symbol of spiritual unfoldment. Her lower right hand is in Varada mudra conveying compassion and blessing. The left holds a further lotus. Himalayan iris and poppies decorate the bank of the river and in the background the Himalayas rise. The style of the painting is reminiscent of the Jaipur School of Rajasthan. The original painting which was completed with Ganges water.

The limited edition series of 108 Giclee prints signed by the artist, Narasimha, are available on the linked website




Arizona, USA


Art paper, specialty inks


Original completed in 2023.


Print itself 18" H x 14 3/8" W
Whole format is 20" H x 16" W