Tsampa Bowl, Tiger Wood

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Tiger Wood Tsampa Bowl

This 19th century Tsampa Bowl is made of tiger wood, very precious as the source of tiger wood is from trees found in Brazil or Africa. The soft patina of the wood, rubbed from extensive handling. Tsampa is a staple in the Tibetan and Himalayan diet as well as a substance offered for marriages and birthdays. There is a buddhist tradition of throwing bits of tsampa in the air while offering prayers for protection as well as during the death ceremonies to release the soul of the departed.

This bowl has a base bowl and cover. The cover has been repaired at some time with a bit of metal to secure a naturally occuring crack in the wood.




Wood with highly marked grain


19th century, Very good condition and there is a repair, made some time ago, in the cover to secure the wood from a natural occuring crack.


8" in height, 8" in diameter.