Ucchista Ganapati

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Ucchista Ganapati

Ucchista Ganapati is a Tantric form of Ganesha, an important and well-loved Hindu deity with the head of an elephant. In his tantric form, Ucchista Ganapati is seated on a massive throne with consort in his lap. His unusual blue skin color represents his pure open consciousness. On either side of Ucchista Ganapati are Dev Dasis engaged in artful worship, song, music and dance. The scene is embellished by the vision of a South Indian temple under a pink and grey monsoon sky.

The original painting was completed in mixed media by Nara Allsop over 3 1/2 years. There are several paintings completed in the personal style of Mr. Allsop which may be seen on narasimhadeityart.com. Each of his works of art show his depth of study of iconography and skillful attention to detail. Each print includes a description of the image.

This large fine quality giclee print is 23″ in height and 43.5″ wide. While the original has been sold, the prints show the entire painting. There are no other editions of prints highlighting aspects of the original. This first edition includes 216 numbered prints signed by the artist.




Arizona USA


Giclee Print, limited first edition of 216


23" x 45.5"