Vishnu with gold embellishments

This very grand stately copper alloy lost wax cast vigraha of Vishnu has been embellished with gold of at least 22 kt. and a bit of silver. (To accurately test gold requires acid on the gold and we choose not to do this, however, our expert jeweler advisor assures this is at least 22 kt) The gold has been placed on his crown, his necklace, wrists, on his right palm and with the bit of silver in the urdhva pandra tilak on his forehead. And Vishnu wears the Kaustubha Mani gem on his chest which has been covered in gold. This gem worn by Vishnu is powerful and bestows fortune. His fingers on his left hand are in an unusual position whereby the little finger, sporting a ring, is crooked over his ring finger. The bezel around the lotus blossom on the palm of his right hand is made of gold.

There has been some loss of the original amount of gold applied to the crown and possibly other areas where it is not so detectable. In addition, there is residue of a white substance in the corners of his eyes and just under the crown. A bit of red substance is also remaining under the crown, just above the tilak.

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Copper alloy, 22 kt gold, silver


18th c. Overall excellent condition. Some wear on the face, especially at the eyes and some loss of gold embellishments.


11.24" (H) (29cm) x 5" (W) x 2" (D)